Vernon Walter Wescott Sr

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My grandfather was born in 1906 in Essex VT.  He graduated from Hinesburg High School, 14 miles south of his birthplace.  His brother Robert was born in 1908 in Essex Junction, VT.  Between US Census and other records, I’ve pieced together the following timeline.  

1906, December 24, Essex Center VT, Vernon Walter Wescott Sr. born

1907, Nov 10, Dorothy Lilla Treado born, Montpelier VT.  She lived in Montpelier at least until July 5, 1914, when her sister Madeline was born.  Dorothy six years old at that time. 

1908, December 19, Essex Junction, VT, Robert Holley Wescott born

1920, US Census.  Dorothy is living in Bristol CT, age 13.

1925, June 4, Vernon graduates from Hinesburg High School, Hinesburg VT

1926, Vernon graduates from the Vermont Agricultural School.  The Vermont Agriculture School was begun in 1910 at the Normal School site in Randolph. The school opened with 56 students. It served to educate farmers for Vermont.  Vernon is on the bottom row, last person on the right.  

1927, June 20, Vernon and Dorothy Treado are married, in Bristol CT

1928, son Raymond born in Bristol CT

1930, son Vernon Jr., my father, born in Bristol CT

1932, son Rollin born  in Poughkeepsie NY

1934, daughter Dorothy born in Poughkeepsie NY

1936, daughter Eilien born in Mt Kisco NY

1939, son Clark born in Mt Kisco NY

1940,  April 1, Vernon and Dorothy living in North Salem, NY, per 1940 US Census

1941-42, living in Danbury CT

1952-1957, living in Torrington CT

1972, November 27, Litchfield CT, passed away

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“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children – one is roots, and the other, wings.” 
– Hodding Carter


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