John A. Westcott, of Nicholas Westcott III, Descendants of Stukely Westcott

In 1975, I became very interested in my family history. After a little research, my grandmother Dorothy Wescott told me I should contact Eula Connelly, my grandfather Vernon’s first cousin. I did, and she provided me with the crucial information about my Wescott ancestors, and propelled me headlong into this project. As a result, this page is dedicated to the memory of Eula May (Wescott) Connelly. Eula was my first cousin twice removed.

In December of 2001, my son bought me the domain for a Christmas present, and I was able to post my family tree on the Internet, for all the world to see. It has proven to be invaluable in my research: no less than six ‘new’ cousins have found it, contacted me and provided new information about themselves and other family members. 

 I want these pages to be accurate and complete.  If you see something incorrect or have anything to add, please e-mail me at

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“There are only two lasting bequests we can give our children – one is roots, and the other, wings.” 
– Hodding Carter
“Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors.”  – Dr. Jonas Salk
“Know from whence you came.  If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitations to where you can go.”  – James Baldwin


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